Building on your views

One of the strongest – and most welcome – themes of the new University Strategy is the importance of partnership working with students in the co-creation of the Warwick Education experience.  Or, to paraphrase the Education Strategy – and put it in simpler language – ‘our priority is to listen to the student voice’.

Warwick has always listened and responded to student needs and eagle-eyed readers will have recently seen the phrase ‘let’s keep the dialogue going’ and a capital D on its side (representing ‘Dialogue’ and a mouth – clever stuff!) on posters and digital screens around campus advertising surveys.

The National Student Survey – the biggest of these questionnaires – enables undergraduates to raise concerns about their teaching and learning experience.  PTES and PRES offer the same opportunity to postgraduates. The biggest issue raised about the Library is around study space.  There are some lovely comments about how much students like the Library spaces but more comments about how the Library is ‘too small’ and that study space across campus is at a premium, especially in Term 3.

Over the years the Library has responded to such comments with the development of new and different study environments – the Learning Grids in University House, Rootes Grid, Leamington Grid, the PG Hub and Research Exchange, as well as on-going remodelling of the main Library.  When students lobbied for a 24 x 7 Library we worked with the University to make this a reality.


But more work is needed. We all know the Library is ‘too small’ but we need more granularity too.  What sort of space do you want?  Where? And when?

This is why we are working with Nomad to get your views to inform not only longer term plans (a new Library is in the University’s Capital Plan for 6-10 years) but also to improve things for you over the next 2-3 years.

So, what would help you? We’re listening…


Ant Brewerton.

Head of Academic Services.


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