What others are doing?

What other have done Montage

Our team has been working with people to design new learning spaces for many years now and being a group of focused, dedicated and slightly obsessed perfectionist types we have amassed a huge library (excuse the pun) of other people’s work that we admire. Nathan, one of our senior designers regularly reviews new projects from around the globe to see what we can learn from others, and he has put together countless presentations for our clients on the topic.

Our reference pool stretches outside of education as we think it is important to look at the places where students might be living, working and playing in the future. We wanted to share some of these fantastic projects with you, but there were far too many, so we selected our top ten libraries. This includes,

  • Almere Public Library –  MVSA Architects 2010
    A cross between a library and a bookshop
  • Brest Mediatheque Des Capucins Canal – Architecture 2017
    A bold and dramatic use of space creating lots of spaces to watch and be seen.  
  • Gifu Media Cosmos ‘Minna No Mori’- Toyo Ito  2015
    Intimate, comfortable, organic and simple
  • Ryerson University Student Learning Centre -Snøhetta 2015
    Vast, dramatic and filled with choices of space
  • Seattle Central Library – OMA/LMN – 2004
    One of the first new libraries and still one of the best.  The massive lobby places the focus on people first. 
  • Sendai Mediatheque- Toyo Ito  2000
    An attempt to use new notions of ‘media’ as an architectural concept Sendai is full of interesting places to meet others and work.  
  • Tama Art Library – Toyo Ito 2007
    Elegant organic structure creates a feeling of the outside and inside flowing into one another with beautiful views and furniture that such as long winding glass tables and organic benches that are like streams and islands.
  • Tianjin Binhai Library – MVRDV 2017
    Shaped like a giant eyeball and with an interior formed from one continuous shelf the angles and curves are meant to stimulate different uses of the space, such as reading, walking, meeting and discussing. 
  • Victoria University Wellington Campus Hub – Architectus  2013
    The project shifts boundaries and creates an overlap between learning, social and recreational functions in a multi-functioning, flexible environment.
  • Yale University Beinecke Rare Books Library – SOM 1963
    Traditional, solemn, respectful, innovative. 

If you want to see more pictures of these projects click on the page link here or on the image above. We would love to hear what you think of these projects and if you have other suggestions too.  Leave your comments below or tweet at us – @WarwickLibScape

Nomad Team.


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