Future UoW Library

Story 4 Future UoW Library Montage

If you read our earlier story, Future Libraries, you will know that we are investigating what form the future UoW Library might take – and if it might exist at all as one consolidated space.  

Traditionally the University library is seen as the academic heart of the institution and as a result, is often located in geographical centre of campus, as is the case with UoW Library – but is this the right model or location? 

In our earlier post, we mentioned that some question the need for a centralised building and propose the notion of a decentralised service situated in smaller sites or even pop up stalls spread across the campus/campuses.

Perhaps the key to the libraries scale and location lies in the services adjacent to it.  In new schools, there is a movement towards bringing together local community services such as GP & dental practices, council offices, sports centres etc. to share space creating a busy, vibrant heart for the community. Can University libraries learn from this model and share space with complimentary services around campus?

More radical theorists ask if a library need be no more than an App where you order up resources and organise workshops with librarians in coffee shops or co-working spaces. While at the other end of the spectrum, some Universities are focusing on building iconic architecture or ‘starchitecture’ creating inspiring places that fill students and staff with a sense of pride.

These are just some of the options that others are considering. We want to know what your vision for the UoW library would be.  Do you think the notion of a decentralised library with pop up services located across the campus works? Would you prefer a one-stop shop model combining a range of complimentary services and if so, which services do you think would be complimentary? Is an App right for Warwick or do you long for an iconic building?  Let us know what you think, and if you have other ideas, you might have for the Future Library at UoW.  

Nomad Team

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